The intertwining of life, thinking and perception

People who have loved sincerely are hard to forget.

The person you've sincerely liked, you still want to have another look.

No matter how much time has passed, there will still be a place for him in your heart. Even if you haven't been in contact with him for a long time, even if his appearance is blurry in your mind, the feelings he gave you still deeply resonate with you.

He may not be by your side, but his shadow will always live on in your memories.

I once read a story online.

A girl was with the person she liked for a short time, but after they separated, she couldn't forget him. She also dated other people. When she was with someone else, she wouldn't think of her ex-boyfriend. But at night, or when alone, or when she saw other love stories, her heart would ache, and she couldn't help but think of that guy.

In her playlist, she still kept the songs that the guy shared with her. In her notes, she still remembered his birthday and preferences. In her QQ space, their photos were still there. The house they rented together, the girl now lives there alone. On the bathroom counter, the guy's toothbrush cup is still there. There are always a pair of black and white couple slippers at home, with the black one belonging to the guy.

Even later, the person the girl liked when she was single looked very similar to that guy.

When her ex-boyfriend got married, she took a long leave to attend his wedding. He didn't invite her, and she didn't directly show up at the event, she just followed the wedding car in her car, watching the guy from afar. Just before the wedding started, the girl received a text message from the guy. She could recite those numbers even with her eyes closed.

The guy told her, "Go back, don't watch."

On the way back, the girl cried all the way. It's hard to easily forget someone you've loved deeply.

Falling for him may have been a momentary thing. But forgetting him might take a lifetime.

Just like the poem says, "Unforgettable, hard to forget."

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